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Wedding Tents

A wedding reception tent or canopy is the most practical way to take your big day outdoors.

GetTent.com offers a variety of tents & canopy systems that are ideal for wedding tent use. Typically wedding tents are white and the tent is decorated to fit the outdoor wedding rehearsals, ceremonies, and receptions.

Celina wedding tents are often used to create beautiful outdoor events and are available in numerous brands, sizes, seating capacities, and tent classes to suit your wedding reception needs.

One of GetTent.com's most popular wedding tent types is a frame tent. A Celina Classic Series or a Master Series framed wedding tent will give you complete freedom of movement at your event, allowing you to set up such party equipment as tables, chairs and lighting anywhere under the tent. The frame system eliminates the need for interior supports, leaving ample room for dance flooring, buffet space, or any displays and features you need for your special day.

Add sidewalls to keep your event dry and secure from the weather. For wedding tents, elegant Cathedral Window Sidewalls are our most popular sellers.

Optional wedding tent liners and pole covers by GetTent.com can add that special touch to make an even more elegant appearance to your wedding day.

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