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TM18 UTS Systems Tactical Military Shelter

UTS Systems USA TM18 Tactical Military Shelter

Size: 10’ L x 19’ W x 9’ H Shelter.  Available in the following colors:

  • NSN 8340-01-579-1400 - TM18A1-OD (Olive Drab Green)
  • NSN 8340-01-583-4250 - TM18A1-DT (Desert Tan)

The UTS Systems USA TM18 can be quickly assembled by 5 people in 4 minutes.Basic unit includes: External aluminum alloy frame with Integrated Internal Liner, 2 Door entry ways, 2 window units, 2 electrical ducts, 4 ECU ducts, blackout capability. UTS Systems USA TM series of shelters range can be used for a variety of applications in the most extreme conditions. Our TM soft shelters offer Command & Control, Medical, Billeting, Decontamination, and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Collective Protection solutions.

UTS Systms military shelters have successfully passed:

  • Wind Testing - 55 mph wind sustained for 30 minutes with three 10 second bursts of 65 mph.
  • Driven-Rain Testing - Two inches per hour of wind driven rain sustained for 30 minutes
  • Durability Testing - 50 erect/strike cycles
  • Snowload Testing - 10 lbs per sq ft of snow load sustained for 12 hours
  • Blackout Testing - 100-meter naked eye, 300-meter night vision goggle and ingress/egress blackout and did not require the interior liner


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Erected in under 5 minutes, UTS Systems USA expeditionary military shelters benefit from an innovative system of deployment. The ease and speed with which our shelter systems deploy saves soldier time and simplifies training.  The well thought out frame design and rope and pulley system provides a simple and easy to remember set-up procedure. No additional tools, ladders or power is required to erect the shelter. The rapidly deployable soft shelter incorporates a unique external folding-frame design and an internal liner system integrated with the outer fabric.

The UTS Systems USA shelter system incorporates a unique external folding-frame design. The rugged aluminum alloy frame has a traditional A-frame shape, with strong durable components and interconnected pieces. The small number of parts minimizes vulnerabilities and maintenance requirements.

The outer fabric is a heavyweight protective PVC material that meets all performance requirements for MIL-PRF 44103 for strength, weather resistance and durability in any operating environment. UTS Systems USA shelters use Radio Frequency welding techniques in order to form a stronger, waterproof seal. The removable floor is made from a heavy weight material which is able to stand up to harsh conditions in the field and remains integral to the external fabric via a novel sandwiched hook and loop fastener design to reduce set-up time.

The internal liner stays integral to the external fabric of the shelter to greatly reduce the shelter set-up and “under canopy” time. The internal liner has integrated electrical outlets and air conditioning plenum pre-installed.

The UTS Systems USA shelter is packaged into three carry “bags” that make it easy to transport and very man-portable. UTS Systems shelters reduce the transportation requirements by as much as one-third when compared to the current standard systems.

All of the UTS Systems shelter systems have the capability to connect to one another and to other shelters currently in the military inventory. By linking our tents, larger work areas or soldier accommodations can be created. Specific space distribution and privacy issues can be handled easily and quickly.