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Water Gutters

Classic or Standard Vinyl Water Gutters span the gap between tent valances when two tents are installed side by side. By wrapping around to the interior of each valance, you gain the flexibility to combine multiple smaller tents to create a single larger space with no chance of water seepage along the connection points. The tapered design allows rain water to flow to the outer edges of the tents, keeping the event underneath dry. Celina Tent's Vinyl Water Gutters are designed to work with specific tent series, and are not interchangeable between styles:

  • Classic Series Water Gutters attach to the perimeter rope of both tents using plastic spring clips.  They can be used on Classic Series Frame Tents, Classic Series Pole Tents, Premiere I Series High Peak Pole Tents, and Premiere II Series High Peak Pole Tents.
  • Pinnacle Series Water Gutters attach to tent spreader tubing with both hook & loop straps and side release buckles.  These are designed to be used on Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents only.
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