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Tent Doors

Tent Doors, in addition to sidewalls, allow you to better control the interior climate of tents and structures, adding refinement to any venue. Each door consist of complete metal frame and wood storage and shipping box. Special fittings on the door frame allow for simple installation after the tent has been erected. All door styles are equipped with metal handles for a sleek look. Celina Tent Doors can be used singly for less-intrusive openings, or can be used in sets of two.

Doors are sold in two pieces:

  1. Door Piece - the wood that fills the opening, available in Solid White, French Lattice, or Clear Glass
  2. Frame Piece - the edging that the door attaches to and forms the support connected either the tent frame or side poles


Both pieces need to be ordered for a complete door installation. For Pole Tent installations, the Pole Tent Eave Kit is also required to create a safe connection zone. Doors are designed for used in tents with an 8' eave height.


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