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Tent Squaring Kit

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Our Tent Squaring Kit includes everything you need to square a tent properly. Squaring procedures should be performed at every pole and frame tent installation to save on set up time, ensure proper tent tension, and increase safety by ensuring that marked underground utilities are not hit by stakes. Your tents will look better and last longer when they are properly squared, installed, and staked.

Download the Tent Squaring Procedure above for a quick reference guide to take to the installation site.

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Celina's Tent Squaring Kit includes the following items:

  • Two 300' (91.4 m) Open Reel Measuring Tapes
  • One can of White Marking Paint
  • Five 12" (304.8 mm) Heavy Duty Spikes
  • Two 500' (152.4 m) Cotton Twine Balls

Celina Tent - How to Square a Tent

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