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Smoking Tents & Shelters

State smoking bans have been in place for a number of years and require public places and places of employment to prohibit smoking. Throughout the U.S. smoking bans present businesses with a unique problem - shelters to protect smoking customers or employees from the elements.

Celina Tent has a wide range of tents, shelters, and canopies that can be used as smoking shelters. These smoking tents provide a cost effective way to protect customers or employees from the weather while giving them a safely designated smoking area. Optional clear, window, and solid sidewalls can be added to any smoking shelter.

Fabric shelters & tents are the ideal solution for businesses that would like to legally provide shelter for smokers. Restaurants, bars and taverns can benefit from the atmosphere an outdoor smoking shelter can provide. An outdoor smoking shelter can also provide extra space for bar patrons, while providing them a legal place to smoke compliant with state law.

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