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Ridge Support Bracket

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A Ridge Support Bracket Fitting is a free-floating West Coast Style Frame Fitting that is used in pairs, connected to either end of a length of tubing. The large-diameter opening slides over 1.75" - 2" (4.5 cm - 5.1 cm) diameter tubing, at which point the hinged portion is connected to the support rafter tubing and secured with bolts. This keeps the two Ridge Support Bracket Fittings in place. Like all West Coast Style Frame Tent Fittings, the Ridge Support Bracket Fitting is manufactured from 1.25" schedule 40 steel pipe and finished with zinc plating.


Steel Specifications
Outside Diameter 1.656" 4.206 cm
Inside Diameter 1.38" 3.505 cm
Wall Thickness 0.14" 3.56 mm 
Weight 3.0 lbs. 1.36 kg 
Strength 45,000 PSI 3,163.81 kgf/cm2

Ridge Support Bracket - West Coast Style Frame Tent Fitting

Celina West Coast Style Frame Tent - Tubing & Fitting Overview

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