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Replacement Tent Tops

The fabric portion of the tent, shelter, canopy, or fabric structure, tent tops can either be One Piece or a Sectional construction. Fabric options include solid white, colored and white paneled, or full color digital printing. When combined with a frame, pole kit and stakes, this creates a complete tent.

  • A One Piece Tent Top is a fabric portion manufactured with edge ropes completely around the perimeter; these tents can't be lengthened. Smaller tent tops, typically less than 1,500 square feet, are one piece construction as they can easily be handled by just two people.

  • A Sectional Tent Top is where the tent fabric consists of two or more individual pieces that are combined at lace lines to create a single tent top. Sectional tent tops are expandable to any desired length by adding mid sections with the same width measurement. A standard three-piece sectional tent top consists of two ends and a mid-section. Tents larger than 1,500 square feet are produced in sections to make transportation and installation easier.