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UTS Systems Tactical Military Shelters

The Utilis USA TM series of shelters range in size from 194 to 650 sq ft and can be used for a variety of applications in the most extreme conditions. Our TM soft shelters offer Command & Control, Medical, Billeting, Decontamination, and chemical,Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Collective Protection solutions. All of the Utilis shelter systems have the capability to complex to one another and to other shelters currently in the military inventory. By connecting our tents, larger work areas or soldier accommodations can be created. Also, specific space distribution and privacy issues can be handled easily and quickly. Bootwalls are available for connection to vehicles and containers of various types and sizes.

Utilis USA military shelters benefit from an innovative system of deployment and can be erected in less than 5 minutes. The ease and speed with which our shelter systems deploy saves soldier time and simplifies training. The well thought out frame design and rope and pulley system provides a simple and easy to remember set-up procedure. There are no color coded parts which simplifies erecting and striking in low or no light situations. The rapidly deployable shelter incorporates a unique external folding-frame design and an optional internal liner system integrated with the outer fabric.