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Pinnacle Base Plate

  • SKU: CC02BP
  • $43.11

Base Plates for a Pinnacle Series Cross Cable Tent are cast aluminum plates to be placed at the bottom of each leg. The leg is inserted into the largest opening, with the hook facing toward the exterior of the tent. Ratchet straps are connected to the hook to keep the tent top attached to the frame during installation. The smaller hole in the base plate is for the anchor pin, which anchors the leg in place.

  • Pin hole is sized for 22" Anchor Pins only - regular stakes cannot be used in Pinnacle Base Plates
  • Pinnacle Series Base Plates are universal between all sizes of Pinnacle tents
  • All Pinnacle Series Cross Cable Tent fittings are interchangeable with Pinnacle Tent fittings from other manufacturers
Aluminum Specifications
Outside Diameter 3.06" 7.77 cm
Inside Diameter 2.56" 6.5 cm
Wall Thickness 0.25" 6.35 mm 
Weight 1.0 lbs. 0.45 kg 

Pinnacle Base Plate

20' x 20' Pinnacle High Peak Frame Tent

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