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Marquee tents

Looking to purchase a marquee tent or canopy? GetTent.com allows you to purchase tents & canopies by Tent Size, Tent Class, Tent Brand / Series, Most Popular Tents, and Tents with Custom Printed Graphics. Choose your tent and tent options by starting here:

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There are several classes of Marquee tents available from GetTent.com. The tent class is the type of structure or framework that supports the fabric. Celina marquees, canopies, tents, shelters, and fabric structures can be classified into the following categories:

  • Pole Tents - Pole / tension marquee tents have internal center poles and perimeter eave poles supporting the fabric. Pole / tension tents require stakes and/or anchors around the perimeter for proper tensioning. (This type of marquee tent has center poles require interior floor space)
  • Frame Tents - Framed marquee tents have a freestanding or internal framework supporting the fabric (they do not have center poles or obstructions).
  • Pop Up Tents & Canopies - Being one of the smallest marquee tents that GetTent.com offers, this tent is supported by an accordion style internal framework that supports the fabric (no center poles or obstructions).
  • Cross Cable Tents - Cross cable marquee tents have a rigid framework perimeter utilizing steel cables to support a center pole (no center poles or obstructions that touch the ground in the center of the tent)

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Marquee commercial tents can be defined as tent or canopy to be used for outdoor weddings, buisness events, , school graduations, fairs, and large festivals.