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JackJaw Tent Stake Adapter

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Tent Stake Adapter is used with the JackJaw 302 and 502 to remove flush pounded stakes or those used in stake bar systems. Due to the lack of stake protruding from the ground in these instances, the Tent Stake Adapter creates an easily gripped extension for the JackJaw to attach to.

Tent Stake Adapters are made to work with standard tent stakes between 1" and 2.5" (2.54 cm - 6.35 cm) in diameter.

JackJaw Product Line Overview - Stake Pullers, Extractors, Removers

JackJaw Model 300 Series - Ground Rod Remover / Extractor / Puller

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JackJaw extractors are covered by a one year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. The jaws and other normal wear and tear items are replacement service parts, and are not covered by the warranty. You can order replacement jaw kits, and other service parts on the website.