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Frame Tents

Frame Tents are primary among Celina's product line of frame supported commercial party tents. Celina frame tents are advantageous for applications that require the maximum usage of space under the tent top. The vinyl tent top is secured to a tent frame jointed together by steel fittings, which is erected and supported by frame legs around the perimeter eliminating the need for center poles. All Celina Tent frame tents are designed to fit West Coast Style Frames. The tent frame must be secured to the ground at each side leg / upright using Celina's ratchet assembly systems (or ropes) and steel stakes, or other types of anchoring methods depending on surface requirements.

Popular applications for frame tents include, but are not limited to: weddings, corporate events, private parties, trade show exhibits, graduations, temporary work space, storage, billeting, etc.

Frame Tent Tops are constructed with:

  • 1st quality 14 oz. translucent or 16 oz. BLOCKOUT vinyl
  • All panels heat welded with 1" heat sealed overlapped seams
  • Polyester sidewall curtain rope line held in with 1" polyester webbing sewn approximately every 15" around perimeter of tent top. Side curtain rope line is replaceable if needed.
  • Reinforcement patches at crown fitting locations
  • 95% HEAT SEALED construction, NOT Sew
  • Standard (canopy) or gable end (walkway) styles

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