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Frame Tents

Frame Tents are a popular choice among Celina Tent's product lines due to their ability to maximize the under-the-top space. Unlike pole tents, which require center poles for proper installation, the rafter and crown hardware of the frame tent keeps the top aloft and shaped without creating any obstructions at ground level.

All of our tent styles are designed to work with West Coast Style Frame systems, a common tubing and hardware system created to allow you to easily interchange pieces. Steel or aluminum tubing is combined with steel fittings (connected with either r-pins, pin and bail, or bolts), over which the tent top is pulled. Attachment methods between the frame and top vary according to the brand or series of tent top.

Once the frame is completely assembled with the fabric top attached, the entire tent can be anchoring using ratchet buckle assemblies or ropes, attached to a suitable anchor. Common anchors include either stakes (driven into the ground or asphalt/concrete) or concrete deadweights. Celina Tent does not suggest using water barrels for tent anchoring.

Popular applications for frame tents include weddings, corporate events, private parties, trade show exhibits, graduation parties, temporary work spaces or storage, billeting, and so on.


Frame Tent Tops are constructed with:

  • 14 oz. translucent or 16 oz. blockout vinyl

  • All panels heat-welded with 1" overlapped seams

  • Polyester sidewall rope line attached with 1" polyester webbing every 15" around the perimeter of the tent top - Sidewall rope lines are replaceable if needed

  • Reinforcement patches at crown fitting locations

  • 95% heat sealed construction


Choose a specific Frame Tent System for more information:

Classic Series Frame Tent Master Series Frame Tent Classic Series Gable Frame Tent Master Series High Peak Frame Tent


Introduction to Frame Tent Systems:




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