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8'x15' Printed Pinn Backdrop

  • $565.95
Allow 15 days to produce this item after we receive approved artwork. See the Custom Printing tab for detailed submission guidelines.

Our 8' x 15' Cross Cable Single Sided Printed Backdrop allows you to customize your Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent by providing an eye-catching background for you tent's interior. When created, the outside portion of the backdrop will possess the clip lip and clips used to attach the backdrop to the tent frame. Clips run along the sides and top of the backdrop. As Pinnacle Backdrops are unique to the Pinnacle Series Tent, they can't be used with other systems, and other styles of backdrops likewise can't be used on Pinnacle Series Tents.

  • Dimensions: 8' (2.44 m) x 15' (4.57 m)
  • Only used with Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents

Artwork Requirements for Custom Printing

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Celina guarantees this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 1 year from the date of purchase. Limitations apply.