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Pinnacle Series Water Gutter

Pinnacle Series Vinyl Water Gutters bridge the gap between tent valances when two tents are installed adjacent to one another. Each gutter wraps around the valance fabric and creates a fabric trough to take any water runoff from the tent top to the edges of the tent as opposed to allowing it to fall in between. As the Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent has a different design than our standard pole and frame tents, the installation hardware attached to the gutter operates in a different fashion than standard water gutters. Hook and loop fasteners along the length of the gutter wrap around the perimeter tubing of both tent frames, while straps equipped with quick release buckles wrap around the leg tubing to keep the ends of the gutter in place. This gutter has a tongue portion that extends the trough between the adjacent legs at the end of the tent to keep water flowing away from the installation area.

Pinnacle Series Water Gutters are available in 3 lengths:

  • 10' Water Gutter (CCWG10)
  • 15' Water Gutter (CCWG15)
  • 20' Water Gutter (CCWG20)

Pinnacle Series Rain/Water Gutter Installation Procedure

Celina Tent Pinnacle Series Tent

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