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Adjustable Double Tube Brace

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Adjustable Double Tube Braces are used on Aluminum Double Tube (ADT) or Hybrid Style Frame Systems. Due to their use of heavier double tubes with standard sized angled fittings, it's necessary to increase the strength of each joint. Each brace can be used in one of three locations, and needs to have its length adjusted accordingly:

1.) Corner Fitting Locations: the brace's length is pinned to the smallest setting, and is installed connecting the corner leg tube to the rafter tube leading toward the nearest crown.

2.) Side Tee Fitting Locations: brace length is adjusted to the middle setting, and connects leg tubing at side tees to the rafter tubing that runs to the crown fitting.

3.) Ridge Crown Locations: when the tent has ridge crowns installed, the brace is set to the longest setting and connects the two rafter tubes on either side of the crown fitting.

Steel Specifications
Weight 4.0 lbs. 1.81 kg 
Strength         45,000 PSI 3,163.81 kgf/cm2

Adjustable Tube Brace

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