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6'8" - Aluminum Double Tube

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Celina Tent's West Coast aluminum double tube is constructed from a custom extrusion which measures 2.0" x 3.875". The tubing measures 1.750" (Inside Diameter) with a wall thickness of 0.125" or 1/8". The aluminum has a strength of 35,000 PSI. This tubing is drilled to accept West Coast frame tent fittings which are pinned in place using R-Pins, Pin & Bail, or bolts. This tubing is color coded for easy identification. The color painted inside this tubing is brown.

Aluminum Double Tube Specifications
Outside Diameter 2" x 3.875"
Inside Diameter 1.75"
Wall Thickness 0.125" Custom Extrusion
Weight 1.759 lbs/ft
Strength 35000 PSI

ADT - Aluminum Double Tube

Frame Tubing - Single, Double, and the Hybrid Frame

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