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25' x 25' Polyester Drop Cloth

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Celina Tent's Polyester Drop Cloths are spread at an installation site to keep tent tops clean and reduce the chance of pin holes. We recommend using drop cloths on every tent installation and tear down. Square drop cloths of this size can be used on one piece 20' x 20' (6.1 m x 6.1 m) tents, or used in sets for tents with a width of 20' (6.1 m); always make sure to overlap drop cloths when used in sets, and use drop cloths that extend past the edges of the tent top.

The 25' x 25' drop cloth is:

  • hemmed around the perimeter
  • grommeted every 30" (762 mm)
  • an economical and easy way to protect your tent investment
  • 25' x 25' (7.6 m x 7.6 m)

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