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Complete 15' Medium Duty Aluminum Center Pole

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15' Aluminum Center Pole - Three Piece.

The 7' Medium Duty Bottom Pole is used at the base of the center pole. This Medium Duty Pole is compatible with Celina Tent's 2 3/8" O.D. Center Pole inserts and top poles. The swaged sectional poles fit conveniently into another eliminating the hassles of transporting and handling long one piece poles and helps reduce accidents and damages that may be incurred to your tent top during installation. The top piece of the 2 3/8" medium duty pole is 7' in length (7'10" with top pin) and fits conveniently together with a 1' insert that goes to the bottom medium duty pole piece (7') that includes a swaged end for a total center pole height of 15'. Depending on your tent size, inserts that include a swaged end may need to be inserted between the top and bottom center poles to reach the desired center pole height. Inserts allow the 7' top and bottom center pole pieces to be extended to fit various tent sizes without having to carry a large inventory of one piece poles of different lengths. Celina provides this type of pole to reduce installation times, costs, and effort for end users.

QTY SKU Name Price Total
1 ACMDAP7T2375 7' Medium Duty Al. Pole Top $80.61


1 ACMDAP7B2375 7' Medium Duty Al. Pole Bottom $85.64


1 ACMDAP1I2375 1' Medium Duty Aluminum Insert $17.58


Total: $183.83

Sectional Center Poles - 2 Piece & 3 Piece Poles

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