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Temperature Monitor Shelter wi

  • $18,888.26

Celina’s temperature monitor shelter is designed to quickly and effectively screen individuals with the intention of preventing the spread of COVID-19, all while maintaining 6’ social distancing. This simple design consists of a walk-through shelter with designated areas based on the body temperature of the individual. The thermal camera rapidly scans the body to detect and notify of any abnormal temperatures.


  • Intended for indoor or outdoor use to utilize existing facility infrastructure: Parking lots, courtyards, entryway/foyers, etc.
  • Monitor public entries such as Airports, Manufacturing Facilities, Conventions Centers, Retail Stores/Malls, Schools, etc.
  • Divided to create areas for temperature monitoring, holding, quarantine and sanitation
  • Unit partitions include zipper roll-up doors, clear doors and clear window walls.
  • Constructed from non-porous fabric for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Thermal Network Camera provides an all-in-one solution with remote non-contact temperature measurement
  • Active deterrence with white light and siren on camera
  • Non-contact system reduces the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Scans multiple individuals simultaneously
  • High temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3°, with blackbody
  • Remote monitoring center

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