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10' Al. Rail Skirt Fitting

  • $44.86

Used in conjunction with the Fast Shade Rail Skirts, the 10' (3.05 m) Rail Skirt Aluminum Fitting hardware attaches to an aluminum Fast Shade frame around adjacent legs. Due to frame design, the hexagon-shaped legs will not be mirror-images of each other, necessitating two different styles of end clamps for the fitting: an angled clamp and a straight clamp. Both clamps operate by wrapping around the leg, then inserting the fitting bar between the protrusion of the clamp, making sure that all holes line up. Once aligned, a bolt is inserted into the side of the clamp without a nut, and the bolt is tightened.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 three-piece bar
  • 1 angled clamp
  • 1 straight clamp

10' Rail Skirt for a Aluminum Pop Up Canopy Frame - Installation Procedure

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