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Layout Handbook

  • $5.00

Celina's Layout Handbook is an indispensable resource for tent installing. Within its pages lies the hardware orientation, required pieces, and measurements specific to every size and brand of tent we offer.


Additional Informative Guides:                 Includes info on the following Tent Brands:     
  • Tent SKU Breakdown
  • General Job Site Inspection
  • Tent Squaring Chart
  • Frame Tent Fitting Listing
  • General Event Planning Guide
  • Seating Charts
  • Contact Information
  • Classic Series Frame Tents
  • Master Series Frame Tents
  • Master Series High Peak Frame Tents
  • Hybrid Frame Tents
  • Classic Series Gable Frame Tents
  • Pinnacle Series High Peak Pole Tents
  • Classic Series Pole Tents
  • Premiere I/II High Peak Pole Tents
  • Presto! Series Pole Canopies
  • TP Series Tents


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Download a PDF version of the Layout Handbook here:



Follow this link to view the Layout Handbook Flip Book.