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Agri-Barrier Insulated Barn Curtain

Celina manufactures barn curtains with a variety of material, weight and width options. Agricultural Barn Curtains provide natural ventilation in the summer months as wells as protection from winter weather. In addition, these curtains are bacteria and fungus resistant. Call us today for a quote on poultry barn curtains, swine barn curtains or cattle barn curtains. Standard material types include polyethylene (PE) and vinyl (PVC).  Celina also manufactures an Insulated Curtain providing more insulation during the winter months.  The options for material widths range from 60''-73'' seamless. All curtain materials are engineered for agriculture use and are UV and abrasion resistant.

Insulated curtains are manufactured in three layers:

  • 4.8 oz. PE – Inside Layer - Strong support layer
  • Bubble Wrap – Filling Layer - The main insulator, provides stable insulation that doesn’t shift
  • 13 oz. PVC – Outside Layer - Strong, durable, UV resistant

Each curtain has multiple sewn quilting lines throughout to provide stability between the layers of fabric, allowing the curtain to keep its shape. The number one problem with other types of insulated curtains lies in the interior insulated layer; as time goes by, the insulating materials tend to fall to the bottom of the curtain, losing thermal shielding for the bulk of the curtain. As Celina’s curtains are manufactured using one-piece bubble wrap with multiple hems throughout, the internal layer stays in place. All agricultural insulated curtains maintain an R-Value of 4, common for most livestock curtains.

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