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10' Dbl Print FS Rail Skirt

  • $282.44
Allow 15 days to produce this item after we receive approved artwork. See the Custom Printing tab for detailed submission guidelines.

Double Sided Full-Color Printed Fast Shade Rail Skirts are printed in Celina's in-house print shop, using 500 denier polyester fabric - the same used to create all of our Fast Shade Pop-Up Canopy tops. Printing can encompass any logo, graphic, text, or colors you desire. This particular rail skirt is double sided, allowing for twice as much adveritising or pertinent information to be displayed. When installed, the double-sided skirt does have a front and back according to manufacturing, but can be installed in either direction depending on what is desired. Each skirt extends between any two Fast Shade frame legs.

When ordering the Rail Skirt Fitting (sold separately), be sure to check whether your frame is an aluminum frame or steel frame, as the fittings different due to frame design. Rail Skirt Fittings are not interchangeable between frame styles.

10' Rail Skirt for a Steel Pop Up Canopy Frame - Installation Procedure

Artwork Requirements for Custom Printing

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Artwork will be required from the customer for this item. If you prefer to layout your own artwork, Artwork Templates can be downloaded below:


Our Art Department would be happy to layout the artwork for your printed product. Email artwork, graphic or completed template to Art@CelinaTent.com.  If your files are over 10MB do not send via email.  Upload them via the link below. Once we receive your artwork you will receive a proof for your approval within one business day. 

Review Celina Tent's Artwork Guidelines to confirm that your artwork the proper format and size to print on the product selected.  Email Art@CelinaTent.com or utilize the chat function in the bottom right hand corner of the screen if you need additional assistance.  Chat support is available 24 hours a day.

  • Delay in approval of proof will delay your order.
  • Production will start once Celina Tent receives a signed proof from the customer.
  • Standard production lead time for this item is 10 days.
  • Shipping/transit time is NOT included in lead time.

Celina Tent guarantees this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 1 year from the date of purchase. Limitations apply. Review the Product Manual for more information on the warranty.


If a printing option is chosen, the following warranty will apply to printing:

Inks used in Celina’s manufacturing processes are made with commercial grade pigments designed to resist color fading for 2 years. Colorfastness will vary depending on the products exposure to direct sunlight.