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Gearing Up for Oktober-time!


Amid the rest of the frivolity and fun, it can be hard when you’re attending an Oktoberfest to easily recognize where it is you want to go. The large masses gathered to while away the hours at harvest-time festival. Crowds of people all excited to share crafts, fried foods and the like. When the festive masses are amassed, how will they be able to pick your tent out of the crowd?

Celina Tent has two main canopy options perfect for this situation. Both are readily printable and more than stand out in a crowd fabric tops. The choice is yours!

Printed Pinnacles

The mainstay of the indecisive, Pinnacles are the perfect blend of both frame- and pole-style structure. Legs are perimeter tubing combine and are held together via metal cables that cross from corner to corner (or in the case of our Hexagon Shaped Pinnacles, across the center to the opposite corner fitting). These cables replace any need for fitting fasteners. A center mast sits on these cables in order to produce the high flying, pole-tent-style peak that stretches the fabric top tall. This elevation – in addition to the smooth curves created by the tension – is what makes a Printed Pinnacle Series Tent a great advertising item all on its own.

Pinnacles are made from high-durability 16 ounce vinyl, printed in-house using our latex printers. Send us your logo and we can create a high-visibility branded top or download our print templates and design your look yourself! For more on how we process printed artwork, click here. The Pinnacle Series is the perfect choice for smaller installation sites.

Printed Master Series High Peak

The Master Series Tent utilizes the standard West Coast Style frame assembly that has been a market mainstay for the last few decades. If it’s not broke, right? You may have noticed two little words at the end of the name, however, that make this a little more special. A Master Series High Peak Tent in an amalgamation of the time-tested framework that is easy to install and the same high, sweeping peaks sure to garner the attention of every festival attendee.

If you’re a renter or simply already own a Master Series tent, you can use your existing framework with minimal adjustment (that’s why we love those West Coast Style Frames). Three things are needed to add peaks:

The addition of the adapter allows you secure the mast pole into existing (or standard, if you’re buying completely new) crown fittings. A complete list of components can be found here. When you’ve finished installation, you’ll find that your branding is just as prominently displayed as with the Pinnacle option we previously mentioned; the Master Series High Peak tents are great for installations covering a larger area.

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We realize it may seem a little early but ordering your Oktoberfest tents now gives you time to customize your tent top with branded logos, imagery, or whatever you want to attract more foot traffic through your installation. Want more tips and tricks for printed tents? Visit our Knowledge Center for a full listing of the Print Order Process, our templates, a link to upload your artwork, and more!