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Working in a Winter Wonderland

Tents are, by and large, a summer sort of endeavor. This is due to two main reasons; first, more people are apt to be outdoors in the summer. That’s just the way it is. Getting around, working on projects, and not being hindered by bulking clothing make this the norm in most situations. Tents are there on the off chance that the sun gets too hot or a rain storm stirs up, and you need temporary protection.

Secondly, most party-style tents are simply not made for snow loading. The structural supports are intended to provide shade, protection from the rain, and advertising space, not for supporting an accumulated multiple-pound snow load. This is a situation that can cause serious injury if you decide to wave all warnings.

What to Do?

There are few things that tents can be used for during the colder portion of the year, depending on your tent style:

  • Use: Greenhouse

Applicable Styles: Small Frame Tents

For avid gardeners, using a Classic Series Frame, Master Series Frame, or Gable Frame tent as a greenhouse is a fantastic way to keep your tent in use and get some growing done on the side. Due to the lack of supporting snow loads, the tent would to be set up in a sheltered area where there is no chance of accumulation. Large overhangs, old barns, areas where light can still reach the tent are the best. Outfit your frame with clear sidewalls and a tent-safe heat source, and you’re ready to go.


  • Use: Marketing Events

Applicable Styles: Fast Shade Pop Up Canopies

Fast Shades are some of the easiest tents to set up, requiring no disassembly apart from attaching the fabric top to the collapsing frame. These are great when branded for trade shows and conferences where your booth or stall may be indoors. In addition to their simply set up, Fast Shades are some of the most popular printed materials that Celina produces. You can use our online template to lay out your own design, or send us your artwork and let our graphics team handle the image arrangement.


  • Use: Lighting Frame

Applicable Styles: Any Frame Tent (Frame Only)

With the popularity of Christmas light shows, the framework portion of any frame tent can add a base for creating a portion of your display. Used without the tent fabric, the frame itself won’t be burdened with snow loading and is safe to remain installed throughout the winter. Be aware that any exposed metal, no matter how well coated or treated, is still susceptible to rust over time when exposed to weather and wear.

With so many different options, there’s no reason why your tent (or parts of it) should have to be useable for a few months out of the year. Have any other great uses for tents during the winter that we haven’t listed here? Let us know! Send us an email to Sales@CelinaTent.com or give us a call at (866) 438-8368. We love to hear from you!