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Navigating our Website: Accessories or Parts?

Navigating our Website: Accessories or Parts?

Beginning back in 2002, Celina’s e-commerce site GetTent.com has offered easy 24/7 tent and accessory ordering to all of our customers. Yes, we still have a show room and phone answerers, but online sales are so much more intuitive. Can be, in any case.

In an attempt to make a few more categories (and free up some of our more cluttered areas), the menu bar on the left side of the page gives you the broad, sweeping categories from which you can drill down to exactly what you want! Starting from the top there’s Tents – fairly explanatory. Next up is Tent Parts – parts of tents, got it. After that is Tent Accessories, which … hold on. Parts and Accessories? Aren’t those two the same?

Tent Parts

The most direct interpretation of this category would be “parts of a tent,” and it’s with that in mind that you should approach this option. For us, Tent Parts refers to the items and hardware absolutely required to install your tent. So what makes up your tent? Items such as:

  • Fabric Tops

Just the fabric portion of a tent, replacement tent tops in both single piece and multi-piece formats can be searched and bought, so you can get new pieces for a damaged top or buy mid-piece expansions to make an existing tent larger.

  • Frames or Poles

This is where you’d go to find a replacement frame or set of poles for a tent top, or order individual pieces in case one or two become damaged or unusable.

  • Fasteners and Fittings

Just as you can buy just a tube or two for your frame tent, the fittings and fasteners involved in installations can also be searched and purchased.

  • Stakes

The hardware that keeps your tent from blowing away, there is a wide range of stakes for all soil types and site conditions, including additional items such as staking plates and plugs for filling in staking locations drilled into concrete.

  • Anchoring/Guy Lines

Anything you need to tie the tent frame or top to stakes is included in this category, since anchoring your tent is the most important part of the installation. You can buy individual halves of ratchet buckle assemblies or spools of rope.

  • Miscellaneous Hardware

These pieces are normally attached to the tent already, and are just here for piecemeal purchase for repairs. This includes things like D rings, alligator buckles, and sidewall rope that are installed on the tent tops during manufacturing.

Tent Accessories

Now that we have the necessities out of the way, we can intuit that the Tent Accessories category is going to include items that are 1.) used directly with installed tents, and 2.) not required to make the tent stand up. This will include things like:

  • Sidewalls, Backdrops, Rail Curtains and Rail Skirts

These include any fabric that may attach to your tent for full or half walls and back grounds. They connect to tent tops and frames in order to create more unique installations, and include much of our custom printing.

  • Flooring/Stages

Dancing outside? Portable flooring for that and for temporary walkways (including our Turf Protection Flooring for over lawns) enhances your event, but isn’t necessary for the tent to remain aloft.

  • Liners

For truly elegant affairs, these fabric pieces are installed below the tent top to mask the view of the fabric and soften the overall appearance.

  • Lighting

Colored accent lamps, spot lighting, globe strands, rope lights for wrapping around objects – it can all be found in accessories, adding to the overall tent setup.

The rest of our categories – Tables & Chairs, Custom Printed Items, Equipment & Maintenance – all seem so straight-forward in comparison, don’t they? Hopefully this clears up a little confusion we’ve found when navigating our wide selection of products.

If you do have any other questions, feel free to call or email. We even have 24/7 chat service on every Celina website