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Idea Corner: Halloween Tents!


Having just passed into everyone’s favorite dressing-up holiday, it occurred to us that we have the makings for the perfect Halloween Fun Houses! Depending on the look you’re going for, combinations of custom printing and standard event accessories can be put to great effect. Here are a few ideas we’ve seen around.

Haunted House Tents

#1: Exterior Aesthetic

By using printed fabric on standard tent supports, Celina is able to create ANY look for the outside of your “house”. Designs such as decrepit shingles, shadowy windows, and more can be printed on both tent tops and sidewalls to create the spooky atmosphere. With the added benefit of the vinyl’s block out layer, lighting on either side of the fabric won’t have a great effect on the atmosphere on either side.

Double Sided Printing can also add to the illusion. With a printed exterior and interior wall, half of your decorating is already done! This also hides the telltale standard white that would be showing on the inside of your canopy. Tent top double sided printing requires contacting an Account Manager at Celina directly (through phone or email) to ensure proper image setup and design.

#2: Mood Lighting

Most haunted houses have moody or low lighting. While you most likely aren’t going to need our globe or flood lighting, there are some event lighting options that still apply

  • Rope Lights come in a lot of colors, and provide light over longer reaches than single-point lights. Each strand can also be used at prop lighting – think of ropes of lights for mad-scientist machines or in a smoke-filled cauldron to emulate a glowing liquid.
  • PAR38 Lights are strong and directional, great for spotlights. By adding the colored gel sheets, you can adjust the colors to match whatever your décor may be.

#3: The Fake-Out Wall

Celina’s clear sidewalls are often touted for their ability to block the weather and still let in as much light as possible through the crystal-clear PVC. In a scare-house setting, clear PVC when mixed with low light can provide the perfect jump scare: why pretend to throw water (or laboratory beaker contents, bloody body fluids, etc.) when you can just throw some liquid? By wiping down the water in between scaring your visitors and making sure that the lights don’t reflect off of the walls, you can provide high level actor/visitor interaction.

Carnival Fun House

#1: A-Maze-ing Layouts

One of the more popular non-classic tents Celina sells in the Pinnacle High Peak Frame Tent, which uses a cross-cable design to support a mast the give the tent its high peak. While not intended for holding up anything of middling to large amounts of weight, something such as sidewalls can be easily clipped to the cords to create internal separators and maze-like walkways.

Combining multiple Pinnacle Tents and multiple internal walls, you can create a large variety of passages. Want to switch things up? The clips used to create the walls are easy to snap on and off the cables, allowing you to change up the walkways on the fly!

#2: Detailed Accessories

Custom Printing allows you to lay out images and designs and a wide variety of Celina products. For your fun-house attractions, we offer Pop Up Banners, A-Frame Signs, and even Retractable Banners that can display any and all information pertinent to your exact exhibit or signage. Keep a running theme throughout your Fun House with customized attraction or area markers!

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With a little creativity and planning, tents from Celina can be combined to create expansive Fun Houses or Haunted Houses that are sure to leave your guests wanting more! Give us a call at (866) 767-9242 or email Sales@CelinaTent.com for more information on our wide variety of event products!