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Fall Projects: Put Some Legs On It!

While we specialize in tents, canopies and marquees, by working your way through Celina Tent’s website you can find a great deal of hardware for various projects. There are replacements for most parts or pieces that deal with tenting, such as D rings, O rings, ratchet buckles and general fasteners. Then there are

Replacement Table Legs in 60” Round, 72” Round, and Banquet Leg styles. The important differentiating note to remember is that the round table legs are created to overlap when they’re collapsed, thus keeping all of the leg hardware within the underside footprint of the table. Banquet Legs are each created to fold flat, and so will require more space on the underside of the item.


The leg sets that we sell are the same kind as are already installed on our various sizes of wood tables. None of the required fasteners are included with the leg sets – for replacement you will need to save the through-bolts from your old tables in order to install the new. Even if the locations of the bolts have changed the same fasteners can be used. Once the old legs are removed, the top can be refinished to give the table a brighter, more resistant top before the replacement legs are bolted on.


In case you have a large amount of wood hanging around and need a project, replacement legs are perfect for rounding out your necessary components. Create your new top to your own specifications – rustic looking, completely smooth, painted or designed – and then add on the supports. To make sure the legs fit, be sure to check the Technical Drawings located on the Literature Tab of each leg set’s page to make sure the legs will fit.

Once you have the legs, arrange them on the underside of your new table and mark the locations for the through-bolts. As a reminder, no fastener hardware (bolts, nuts, washers, etc.) are included with the leg sets and will need to be acquired separately.

Idea Grab Bag

What else can legs go on? Here are a few more out-there ideas we’ve come up with!


The stands that painters set their paintings on when they work are super easy to make in folding fashion. Set up your board, and then attach one of the folding legs to the back and BAM – instant easel. Folding legs lock into place when collapsed, making the finished product easy to move without having to worry about them flipping out when hauling.

Specialty Tables

Ever dream of having your very own poker table, but don’t own your own casino? Once you’ve created the poker table top, you can attach a set of folding legs to make your dream come true, without needing to take up permanent space in your rec room!

Really, whatever you make with your replacement table legs is up to you (and will most likely be a table, because come on, really?). But we aren’t here to say you can’t make a super tall cooler or sweet RC car ramp – we are just here to supply you with the hardware you need to make fall projects just a little easier. If you have any questions regarding table legs or any of our hardware items, shoot us an email at sales@CelinaTent.com or give us a call at (866) 793-4083.