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PROspans: Shoring up for Storage

Finishing our series on long-term installations, we come to the PROspan Fabric Structures. Wait a minute Mr. Blog Writer, how much different can the PROspan be from the Crestline that you’ve already described? I think you’d be surprised. While used for the same purpose (with many of the same advantages), the PROspan Fabric Shelter has a few more tricks up its sleeves.

Trick #1: Engineering Feats!

Each PROspan is engineered to be a strong structure. From the multiple cross-bracing locations to the change in beam dimensions when you change models (and size ranges), each shelter is made to require less maintenance than an everyday frame tent, such as the Classic or Master Series Frame tent.

To ease the installation, each of the arches that make up the shelter is attached to hinging base plates. Base plates are spaced and installed as the first step to make certain that the arches are spaces appropriately. Once the arch is assembled on the ground, it can be tipped up into its final position.

Trick #2: Models for Miles!

Celina Tent offers a total of 3 different models for our PROspan tents. Each of the models changes the dimensions of the beam, and in turn the dimensions of all of the fittings, to ensure that larger shelter footprints still have the same structural strength. Each model has its own range of structure sizes which overlap to allow you a choice between models depending on your installation site.

Trick #3: Fabric in a Flash!

One of the most striking differences between PROspans and most other types of shelters is that the fabric portions are all sized to fit between the side supports of the structure. Each beam is created with a keder track, a “C” or moon-shaped track that allows keder, a form of rope-like attachment on the fabric, to be pulled into place along the tracks.

Large-area storage is a risky business – especially when you start trying to factor in transportation to and from a warehouse, people to monitor storage conditions, and so on. Why not create your own? The PROspan is a great semi-permanent shelter that has easily replaceable panels and high structural integrity to keep whatever you’re storing safe and sound.

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