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Keeping Heat at your Tent’s Door

Everyone always gets super excited for summer, and then about 3 weeks after the start of season you start to hear it. “Man, hot day huh?”, “Sure is hot out!”, “The temperature sure is higher than standard, amiright?” (ok, that last one sounds like an alien said it, but you get the idea). Sunscreen and floppy hats are great for the individual, but as the host at an event you’ll have to start thinking about the guests who didn’t think about the sun before leaving the house.

Whether you want to buy a climate control unit of your own or are looking to keep your spending a little less extravagant, Celina’s here to help! We know that not every operation is large enough to necessitate having entire heating and cooling units, just as not every rental business will have every type of tent we manufacture. Here are three tips on staving off the heat while not breaking the bank. To the idea cave!

  • Directed Air Flow

The first sidewall-related knee-jerk reaction to high temperatures is going to be “take them down, all the way down, no more walls oh gosh it’s so hot”, and you’d be right. Removing sidewalls is a great way to stop them from keeping out the moving air that can sooth sweaty guests.

During tent set up, take a moment to analyze the flow air and see if you have a steady breeze from one direction. If your installation and the breeze line up correctly, you may be able to trap to flow directly through your tent, increasing the amount breeze you’ll be experiencing. While not a 100% guarantee that you’ll be able to do this depending on your site, it’s worth looking into.

  • Water Feature

Listening to a gurgling stream may not be your “thing”, but have you thought about the other types of water you can have around? One of the most common hot-day solutions in the misting fan. With several reasons as to why they work so well (this article goes more in depth), misting fans combine the fun of a yard sprinkler with soothing heat relief. As an added note, misting fans put out a fair amount of water – it’s best to have them pointed out and away from your tent interior, unless you are operating a jungle-themed tent experience. While Celina doesn’t sell misting fans in general, we do offer a heavy-duty WayCool Evaporative Cooler for larger venues and events. It works using the same basic principle.

  • Fighting Heat – with SCIENCE!

While many companies and businesses have branded canopies (usually the Fast Shade style printed tents for events), high-sun situations may call for something a bit simpler. Doing a bit of research into the reflection and absorption of light, a tent top with a higher reflectivity will do a better job at not absorbing sunlight and becoming hotter on its own – read more about light absorption, reflection, and transmission in this article. Swapping out your print or darker-colored tent top for a white one should to some extent lessen the amount of heat that is generated at your installation.

With an array of fans, mesh tent sidewalls for air flow and more, chat with one of our Customer Account Managers to get a better grasp on keeping guests cooled and happy. If you’re just looking for general ideas, you can peruse our Knowledge Center for general articles on tent usage and care. If you have any questions, just ask! Call use at (866) 438-8368 or email Sales@CelinaTent.com.