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So Much More Than a Single Pole

Most tents used around town are going to look pretty much the same, with slight variations depending on the style. Both Frame and Pole tents are going to have a higher center portion, sloping down to the valance areas around the sides, anchor lines extending from each side pole or leg location. Large, square structures that cover wide areas. The possibility of sidewalls and banners along the straight edges, large openings at regular intervals - you know the look.

Occasionally Celina Tent will try and break a little from the norm. We’ve been dabbling a bit in other areas such as semi-permanent fabric building and even lightweight utility assemblies. But one of our tent styles sticks out from the others more prominently. With a hexagon-shaped base and only a single support pole, the TP Series Hexagon Tent provides great coverage with a conversation-starting aesthetic.

Encircling Design

The single-center pole design works due to the fact that the anchoring guy lines have been incorporated directly into the fabric. Each of the six anchor line tails of fabric pulls at a tail on the opposite side when anchored to keep the pole in place. Most pole tents operate in this pull-versus-pull fashion.

Box ratchets that hold onto the anchor lines are held by two stakes at each location. This combined with gang staking (as the box ratchets are installed with a staking plate for proper anchoring) gives the holding power required for a tent of this size to have such minimal anchoring in place.


Each TP Series Tent automatically comes in a two-color format, though white-and-white is still an option if you prefer it to match existing tents you own without varying color schemes. Each arched panel is a combination of alternating pieces, so blue-white-blue-white, white-red-white, etc. (or whatever colors you choose). This gives more interesting contrast to the canopy, making it a flashier addition to your installation.

Many times, the eye-catching TP Series Pole Tent is the central attention-getter wherever it’s placed. Can we add custom printing to maximize this attention? YOU BET! While we don’t suggest creating designs that cross multiple seams, many of our customized orders have involved laying out the logo or company name vertically along the panel. Alternating designs or information can increase your branding across a single tent multiple times.

* * * * *

The TP Series Pole Tent is just one of the many varieties available for purchase online from GetTent.com. Have a question about our different styles? Check out the Knowledge Center – a fantastic source of information that explains many common questions we receive – or gives us a call at (866) 438-8368!