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At Celina Tent, we appreciate getting feedback from our customers. Your comments let us know how we can better help everyone in the future - Drop us a line!


Here are just a few of the responses we've received from our numerous clients:


Drew Manor, tucked away in the Santa Cruz Valley is home to weddings, corporate events, private events and retreats. Drew Manor can accommodate events of every size, from intimate poolside affairs to large garden weddings. Outdoor events at Drew Manor are completed with Celina Pinnacle Tents and Resin Folding Chairs. See the beautiful video below to see Celina's products in use at these exquisite events.

"Allow me to offer you a testimonial as to the quality of your tents. We live in Colorado Springs, CO, home of the Air Force Academy. Since our organization that purchased the tent is mostly comprised of retired Air Force members, a majority of us hold season tickets to the Air Force Academy Falcons Football games. As such, the tent is used to host home football games tailgating events that have become quite popular, especially since the addition of the tent. Colorado Springs is known for many items, one of which is the winds we often experience throughout the year.

November 19, the last Air Force Academy home football game, was no exception. Some record winds of 70-80 miles an hour were experienced that day and as you may imagine played havoc on all tents being used by tailgaters and vendors during pre-game activities. We saw many tents airborne and destroyed by the winds and in fact, one of the large tents provided by a vendor was seen to reach a height of 50 feet in the air before landing in a crumpled pile away from it original site. However, as announced by a local radio station, there was only one tent left standing your Celina tent hosting our tailgating party! Your product has withstood the test of the Colorado winds and sole survivor of Air Force Academy football tailgating weekend."



USAF, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thanks again Karen !

The tent top was for a WWE event. I am an Airbrush artist that works for WWE and most in particular "RobVanDam." Just for laughs, Google Joe Holland and Rob Van Dam sometime - I am "Joe" the guy you helped. Thanks again Karen -you're the best, and a credit to your company!"



"We did get the parts!  The tent has been up for a couple of days now and we are very pleased with how it went up and how it looks.  It is everything we expected and will serve our needs well!"



General Manager

"Good to hear from you.  We received the tent the day after we spoke and we couldn't believe how fast it was shipped to us - Outstanding!  By the way, everyone got a kick out of the video! 

We had some concerns, mostly relating to cooking under the tent, but they were dismissed on the first night.  Cleanup took a while but it was still faster than the breakdown of the previous unit we used.  All in all, our membership approved of the buy and it really 'classed up' our operation.  There are some pictures of the tent floating around the fire house - I will try to E-mail then to you.
In September we will be using the tent again for the county's firefighter convention and parade.  It will save us another $250 in tent rental fees so our new tent is already paying for itself.

There's still some talk about buying those sides so expect to hear from us again next spring. Thanks again for everything."



Stony Point, NY

"Just wanted say how happy we are with our Celina Tent.  We had our party this weekend and everyone remarked how nice it is ... a thousand times nicer than anything we have previously rented. Thanks again!"



"We purchased a 10 X 20 tent for the area at the end of our pool last summer.  Our intent was to leave the tent up year round closing up all 4 sides in the winter.  The tent including the corner braces went up relatively easily and we enjoyed it immensely throughout the summer.  Unfortunately, we just never got around to securing the tent to the concrete deck as your instructions clearly specified.  There were several windstorms during the summer none of which had the least effect on the tent which is quite heavy.  Again, one thing led to another and we forgot that the tent (which is against a 4 foot chain link fence on two sides) was not secured to the deck.  At the end of the summer, we closed the pool and the tent up.

Last Friday, there was a very strong windstorm in Columbus that blew shingles off or houses and brought down power lines and trees in our area.  As you have probably guessed by now, it blew the tent over.  In fact, it rolled the tent over the 4 foot high chain link fence (which is still standing)  and then took at least 2 complete rolls before ending up wedged on its end at the base of a large tree in our neighbors yard.  After a little bit of excitement unclipping and holding onto the tent fabric while the windstorm was still going, we managed to get all of the screen and wall panels off of the frame.  Then we pulled the frame out of the tree limbs.  To our surprise, even after rolling over a fence and across the yard, the fabric ended up a little muddy in a couple of place, but did not even have a hole in it.  Even more amazingly, the frame kept its shape through it all with only one weld being broken.  That is the part that we need to order a replacement for.  It is the connector on the corner where the legs connect to the side and end horizontal poles where the wall hangs.  When we get this, we will be able to put everything back together and this time will immediately fasten it to the concrete.

I wish that I had though to take a picture of the tent showing it wedged against the tree.  It truly is a testimonial to your tents that it can roll over a fence and across the neighbors hard and still retain its shape and only have the most minor damage."



"Thank you for the timeliness and the great service in ordering these tables. The price was great, the shipment was speedy, and the service perfect. Keep up the good work there. I will easily recommend your company."



Vice President/General Manager

"I received the clear sidewall on 12/27 and put it up this weekend.  It was exactly what I needed. Thank you for your help."



"Looks good to me. Thanks again for your excellent service. The tent I purchased 3 years ago has been a tremendous asset to my business in the Quartzsite show, and these additional side walls will simply continue the service and excellent presence your tent has provided my business. I appreciate your expediting the order and await delivery as soon as possible. Thanks again!"



"The shipment arrived at my house this morning! Thank you very much - very happy with it!"



"I was just going through all the virtual paperwork I created while preparing for our program on January 17th and came across your name. I wanted to THANK YOU again for all you did to help get us the tent materials we needed [ON TIME!] with such short notice; your patience and friendly demeanor were so reassuring/supportive in an otherwise crazy week. If ever I have the chance, I'll pass Celina Tent's name along."



"This is a pic from Easter. Everyone really liked it."



"Hurricane Story: Attached is a map I made on where the hurricane went and the red pin is where the tents are located.  The hurricane had between 85 and 65 mph winds when it was within 20 miles of the tents with some wind gusts higher.  Everyone went to sleep to a little storm and woke up to a hurricane.

Dan woke up before me and was driving to work in the wind and was worried about the tents.  He called his contact where the tents are located and he said they haven't budged.  We went the next day to put up the gutters on the two tents and everything was tight and they hadn't move from the wind.  We were surprised and happy at the same time.  I actually heard of another tent in the area that blew down by the storm.  I didn't hear that till after we heard about our tents.  So, I was glad ours handled the storm. 

We put up two Celina Tent tents and three days later an eye of a hurricane passes within 20 miles from the tents.  When we checked on them, they were exactly where we put them and everything was tight and in place."



"I would like for you and your staff to know how much I appreciate you. My business has grown tremendously this year and I know I owe a lot of it to you - for your knowledge, patience and your exceptionally good products! I realize that I probably was a pain for some time and only hope that I can help someone in the future as much as you have helped me!"


"I wanted to send you a note to express how happy we are with the 20' x 40' tent we bought from Celina Tent. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. The DVD included was a great resource for our maintenance staff to view prior to us setting up the tent. The initial setup was flawless.

We are always hesitant to purchase stuff on line without seeing the product first. When I presented the original info from the website, my executive director was very leery of the quality at such an affordable price. He was extremely impressed when he arrived at the event.

Thank you again for the great customer service you gave us, great pricing, and exceptional quality of your products."



"We have received fabulous reviews on our new 30' x 60', 40' x 80', 20' x 40', and 20' x 20' frames that we got from you. They are now the most rented tents that we have and we are booking into next year for those tents! Thanks for all of your help! We greatly appreciate it."