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Tent Staking Demonstration

Proper anchoring of tents is vital to the safety of and reputation of every tent company. A tent is only as strong as the anchors that support it. Once an anchor gives loose, it makes the tent more vulnerable to many problems from cold crack to collapse.

The holding capacity of a tent stake is due to a significant degree of friction developed between the stake and the soil which surrounds it. The deeper the embedment of the stake in the soil, the greater the surface area of the stake which is in contact with the soil; resulting in a greater holding power. Always install stakes vertically compared to installation at an angle. The stake has greater holding power in the vertical position and this also simplifies installation and removal of the stake. Celina Tent recommends that at least a 36" stake is used with all 20' wide tents and smaller. We recommend a 42" stake for all 30' wide tents and greater. Keeping in mind that many factors have to be considered when staking a tent: underground utilities, soil type, ground moisture, presence or absence of pavement, and most importantly wind