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Tent Bags

The bag your tent tops arrives and is stored in protects your fabric from water, dirt, and incidental damage. Bags range in styles and sizes, and require special attention during transport.



There are two main designs for tent fabric bags: Round Bottom Tent Bags and Wrap Around Tent Bags.

The Round Bottom style is the most commonly used bag at Celina Tent. At the top is a cinch cord running through a series of grommets, allowing you to close the back by pulling on the rope and then tying it off around the cinched end.


All Celina Tent fabric tops come in this style of bag when shipped from our warehouse.

Wrap Around bags are flat pieces of fabric with quick-release buckles on the outside to keep the bag together. While they aren't as capable of keeping out dirt or moisture, these bags are easier to load and are preferred for use with larger tent pieces.


Not the standard bag for fabric, wrap around bags can be ordered separately.



While it may seem odd to have to care for the bag protecting your tent top, it all boils down to common sense. Tent bags are created from the same material as tent tops, and so have the same base fabric capabilities.

Your Bag Should Not Be Dragged on the Ground

The most common misconception about the bag is that it will keep any damage from reaching the contents. This is simply not the case. Tears or rips can occur in tent bag fabric whenever it is laid on rough surfaces or catches on sharp edges. The extra layer the bag provides is a last defense against damage that does not replace poor or improper handling. This video shows what kind of damage can occur when dragged on the ground:


When Possible, Store Bags off of the Floor

Keeping your tent bags stored above floor level helps to keep out pests. Mice and insects are notorious for finding their way into bags (either through loosely closed openings or chewing through the fabric) where they nest and generally make a mess. Elevated bags are also less likely to be affected by water damage, either through leakage or condensation.



Different sized fabric pieces require different sized bags. This allows for an adequate fit, without too much wiggle room to entice pests during storage or make the bag unwieldy during moving. Celina Tent has bag sizes simplified down to a letter system: Bag Sizes A, B, C, D, and E depending on the bag style.


This downloadable PDF gives you the bag sizes for various

tent top fabric pieces sold by Celina Tent. 



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