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Keeping In Touch – Our Conversation with a Tent Rental Service

Keeping In Touch – Our Conversation with a Tent Rental Service

No matter how long it’s been or how much we’ve grown since dealing with rentals ourselves, we like to try and keep rental companies in mind from product development through stocking and shipping methods. They are why we’re here!

We recently reached out to Reliable Rental, a tent rental company out of Celina that operates in the Celina and Troy areas, and asked them few questions to get the impression of what they’d like in a tent manufacturing company.

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Celina Tent: It makes good commercial sense to try out multiple manufacturers, and compare the quality of their products. When you’re looking to buy new tents and equipment, what are the sorts of aspects you look for from a manufacturer?

Reliable Rental: You want to make sure you get good quality vinyl and fabrication! Ensure the welds on the vinyl are solid and that all the other components of the tent top are what you expect. From there you just need to make choices according to what you like: whether you prefer spring snaps on ends/mids versus hook and loop, whether you prefer 14oz vs 16oz vinyl, things like that. Price is going to be a factor as well. 

Customer service is key - is the manufacturer reachable, or do you often get their voice mail when you call? Do they return calls? Do they have a quick turn around on a product if you need something ASAP? All questions to ask. 


CT: About how often is it necessary to replace your tent fabric? Tent hardware?

RR: I’d estimate that most would have to replace their fabric every 5-7 years. We’re fortunate enough that we have a tent washer available so that we can maintain our tent fabric.  We also use drop clothes for most jobs, which prolongs the life of the fabric.  You want to make sure the fabric is dry before bagging or putting in storage.  As for hardware, we’re able to replace/repair when needed so that’s not as big of an issue. 


CT: During a single season, what is the most common size of tent that is requested? How often will you rent out that tent?

RR: The most common size requested is probably a 20’ wide, the 20’x20’, 20’x30’ or 20’x40’. We’ll rent a combination of those out around 100+ times every season.


CT: Do you prefer to buy or replace equipment (tent parts, accessories, etc.) in bulk or piecemeal? What have you found to be the advantages or disadvantages of both?

RR: It all depends what we’re purchasing.  If we just need a mid to make a tent bigger, we might only purchase the one piece.  When we’re looking at adding something like full 20x20 tents, we’ll probably buy several.  This gives you an advantage because purchasing in bulk might get you a discounted price per tent. 


CT: Is there any advice you would give to someone looking to start a rental business, or invest in a tent?

RR: The rental business is a very rewarding business.  It’s always nice to do an event and hear multiple compliments about it, which in turn leads to repeat customers and more jobs.

However, this is a 24/7, 7 days a week job when you make it a full time business.  You’re at the mercy of the customers and better be prepared to drop whatever you’re doing to help meet their needs if/when something comes up.  Your phone must always be with you, and you must answer every call.  Be prepared to lose sleep once you hear a lightning bolt or the wind starts to pick up.

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Reliable Rental is a premiere tent rental company, with a wide variety of tents and event equipment. From the fabric over your head to seating, flooring, lights, and even inflatables and complete wedding packages, Reliable Rental has everything you need!

They can be contacted through their website, ReliableRentalInc.com, by phone, or by visiting either of their two locations.

6057 Franklin Drive

Celina, OH 45822

(419) 268-1800


206 South Market Street

Troy, OH 45676

(937) 440-1700