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DuraPrint from DuraTop – A Change for the Better


A few months back we were discussing the best vinyl we’ve found for making outdoor canopies and tents – DuraTop. Crafted loving in ovens by little tree elves, this fabric …. Wait, no. That’s a different product. Created by bunny rabbits that make chicken noises every spring, this fab …. Again, no, that’s something else. Fabricated from strengthened scrim and layers of PVC and block out material (got it!), DuraTop can be made into all shapes and styles of tents that last for years with proper care.

DuraTop has all of the characteristics that make for high-quality outdoor canopies. With water resistant properties to protect the scrim, additives make the fabric mildew resistant even after rainy days (made easier by adding Celina’s Mildew Prevention Treatment). Using the simple care guidelines and ensuring that only dry tent tops are folded and stored there’s no limit the number of uses you’ll get out of a DuraTop canopy.

The reason we’re so excited about this fabric is that after extensive research, all of Celina Tent’s inventory will be made from this same fabric – and that includes printed tent tops.

Formerly Celina Tent used a variation of DuraTop – known as DuraPrint – to ensure that the vinyl used to create printed tents could have the best ink adhesion and highest quality display power. With new improvements to the DuraTop formula, it’s no longer necessary to have both styles of fabric on hand as the improved DuraTop works just as well (and in some cases better) than DuraPrint. Celina Tent is currently running through the last of the DuraPrint stock and will soon be printing solely on DuraTop fabric! What does this mean for you?

  1. Printed Tents will be Stronger

One of the concessions that had to be made when DuraPrint was chosen for printed tent tops was that the chemicals embedded into the vinyl to ensure the best ink transfer and display was that the vinyl itself had more give, more stretch – the fabric felt different than the standard style we used and was more prone to warping over time. This was mitigated somewhat by the internal scrim, but by switching to the base DuraTop the block out, scrim, and lack of additional PVC additives keeps the vinyl the strongest yet! Printed DuraTop is by far the strongest and most vibrant printed tops we’ve made to date.


  1. Final Artwork Colors will be Slightly Different

Ah, color differences. This issue is common to anyone who’s had to deal with custom prints in nearly every industry, and canopies are no exception. One change in any part of the process – a new ink lot, new material roll, differences in the machine calibration – can cause the final product to be similar and yet not quite the same as a previous run. Switching fabrics is going to exacerbate this difference. It’s important that anyone reordering vinyl tent tops know that because of this switch, getting an exact match to a previous printed vinyl top is going to be very difficult and some leniency will need to be considered. Celina Tent will try our best to create a match, but with new fabric properties there will be variation.

We try to source only the best materials for our customers, combining efficient properties and methods to create high-quality items that we proudly offer to the public. Have any questions about our materials or products? Email us at Sales@CelinaTent.com or call (866) 783-4083 to talk to one of our Account Managers.