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It’s Show Time!

Every spring, a wide variety of events come to their yearly conclusion. In addition to the ubiquitous graduations, there are end-of-the-year concerts, dances, summer sports initiation … the list is almost infinite. Taking photos accounts for literally one third* of the time spent at these events – wouldn’t it streamline the process handily to have a designated photo area?

Named for the graphic design process that creates the backdrop, Step and Repeat banners have a series of logos or graphics that form alternating (stepping) rows across the fabric. This gives you a visually interesting and yet non-intrusive area for photographs before, during, or after whatever event you are hosting. Having an awards show for Drama Club? Want a school or mascot-themed set up so parents and students can take some photos on their way to the last big dance of the year? A Step and Repeat banner gives you a perfectly designated space for any shutter-happy attendee!

*Celina Tent has not calculated the actual percentage of time that taking photos accounts for at end-of-the-year events.

Keeping it Official

Branding is not really a thing that schools or people just on the street tend to think about, but it’s effective for more than just selling a product. Printing a Step and Repeat Banner with logo, icon or school insignia is a great way to build recognition naturally by increasing its visibility around the environment. Generalizing the logo is also perfect for reuse; by making the images something that are used commonly with your organization, you’ll never have a print that goes out of style or needs to be replaced use after use.

Keeping the Flow

The placement of each banner can help to ease congestion that might otherwise occur outside of your event. Step and Repeat Banners have been seen at many different occasions, and as such send a clear message about any place where they are located. Utilizing the photo area will telegraph to others that this is a place where nice pictures happen and most crowds will react accordingly by keeping guest flow out from between the camera and the banner. While there will still probably be a few people trying to walk through the obvious photo spot, the majority of the crowd should be able to naturally know how to react to the banner’s placement.

Standing By

Each banner comes with integrated pockets so that it can be easily hung on the stand. Whether you stay with the same size banner or decide to get a few different options, the same stand can be used across all dimensions. The stand has a telescoping design, accommodating any banner size you’re interested in. This makes it easy to have a main banner for general events, sports-themed banners for important games, and so on.

* * * * *

Customized printed products can be made with any imagery you have – either send it to Celina Tent’s graphics department for integration into the design or download our easy-to-use templates and lay out the image yourself. All printing information can be found in our Knowledge Center for your convenience. Not finding what you need? Give us a call at (866) 438-8368 or email Sales@CelinaTent.com – we’re here to help!