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Starting a Tent Rental Business

Party Tent Rental Business - Team Up with the Best!

Have you imagined all of the events that use tents? Outdoor wedding receptions, auctions, festivals, farmer's markets, graduation parties - we can go on and on. Starting a tent, table, and chair rental business is a great way to generate revenue quickly and all year long. On average, a tent rental company can earn upwards of $2,000 per rental! Celina Tent invites you to explore the field of Party Tent Rentals.




Business Basics

Tent rentals tend to be a dynamic business; often operating without a storefront, rental companies perform all services at the customer location. This opens party tent dealers to markets spread across larger distances than most businesses operate - and eliminates the need for high profile, expensive real estate required by conventional shops.

Events with which rental companies work tend to occur more often in a.) summer months, b.) weekends, and c.) evenings. Due to the main labor book-ending events (main installation and tear down taking the most time, with occasional site inspection during a longer installation to ensure safety), this allows owners to have full- and part-time jobs in addition to operating the rental company. This also allows you to plan installations and tears down with overlapping events to fill your schedule.


Costs versus Profits

A rental company owner should plan for the following expenses on each excursion:

  • Operating Costs
  • Vehicles
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Wages

In addition, a new company would need to factor in the cost of the hardware and tent fabric for the newly purchased tents. Knowing approximate costs for each of the listed expenses will allow you to plan ahead and create your pricing structure, allowing you to plan for the amount of profit per rental for each size of tent. Depending on your location, most tents can earn back their cost in around 8-10 rentals! When we ran our own rental business, Celina Tent could earn back the cost of a 20' x 30' Classic Series Pole Tent in 7 rentals.

Through careful operation, party tents can be used year after year without requiring replacement or major maintenance. Even with minor adjustments, including patching and replacing small hardware, a tent can be in service for upwards of 20 years. As tents age they become harder to clean and maintain, but can still be serviceable for storage or discounted rentals.

"Location, location, location" as the saying goes, and this is especially true when dealing with tent rentals. As you travel further south, the natural-weather rental season becomes longer and more and more rentals can be scheduled. In Celina, Ohio, a year with good weather will support a 7-month rental period for all tent styles. With the addition of tent sidewalls, heaters, or a table and chair portion to your rental business, rentals can extend past the standard season and become year-round sales.


The Celina Tent Advantage

 Why should you choose Celina Tent when stocking, expanding, or maintaining your inventory? We began as a full-service party tent rental company in 1996, with only 6 party tents in our roster. After only a few years, we were a primary rental service for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky with an ever-growing inventory. In our time we've seen which types of businesses succeed and which fail, prompting us to adapt and thrive.

The rental division of Celina Tent was sold in January of 2005, allowing us to focus on the primary concern of creating and distributing the types of quality merchandise that we were forced to continually search for as renters. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the same attention to detail that helped us grow in the first place, Celina Tent can help you to build and grow your rental service by offering quality manufactured fabric products and all of the equipment required for first-class tent installations. All of the tent tops and accessories we sell are made in our production facilities to let us carefully monitor the quality of every piece we sell.


Quick Business Model Breakdown: 

  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Calculate Start Up Costs
  • Create a Marketing Strategy
  • Define your Pricing Structure
  • Construct a Website
  • Join Professional Organizations for additional support and exposure (examples here)


Additional Information

Need some more information? Head to TentBiz.com for an in-depth look at organizing your new rental business!




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