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TentBiz: Getting a New Venture Up and Running

There are many different resources that Celina offers to keep our customers in the know. In addition to our video library on YouTube and Knowledge Center, we have a wide variety of supplemental websites for personal edification. In addition to GetTent.com, CelinaTent.com, and CelinaIndustries.com (all of which offer a wealth of information), Celina operates one site specifically for those looking to break into the tent rental business.

TentBiz.com is a recently remodeled website geared toward individuals who are looking for the experience of owning more than a single tent. The world of tent rentals can be extremely varied, allowing you to pick and choose the types of services you want to offer. You may be surprised at the different options you, as the tent rental company, have to choose from:

Small Tent Rentals

Yes, with a company that specializes in smaller tents you will certainly be missing out on some of the more glamorous or exciting prospective jobs. This trade out allows you to better service smaller communities. As a company you won’t ever have to deal with large quantities of hardware for an individual installation, and can be more flexible with having multiple events in a weekend because of the reduction in installation time per tent.

Full-Range Tent Services

For areas where there might be issues with getting all of the desired accessories, maybe fully stocking your services is more your style. In addition to tent rental, installation, and tear down, you can also offer items such as tables, chairs, lighting, and specialty requests (think aesthetic choices such as fog machines, dance floors, staging, and the like). Offering all of these from a single vendor – or even offering packages where the rental rates are slightly better for getting the whole spread – make for larger rental sales per event and fewer headaches for your customers.

High-End Rentals

The opposite of our first example, stocking a majority of large or more visually stunning tents will allow you to cater to highly profitable events. These will require more work (and more hardware, and more time) but due to the amount of revenue they generate you won’t have to book as many sites in the same time frame.

These are not the only options that are available to the new tent rental business, but show a basic spread from which you can grow, switch, or combine to fit the market in your area. For a wide range of preparatory questions to find out exactly what’s right for you, head on over to TentBiz.com. Need even more info? Contact us at 866-235-9378 or send us a message from our Contact Us page and we can start you on the road to renting!