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Spring Shipping Sale – Spring into Savings!

Spring is a great time of year. Warm weather makes the outdoors palatable and summer events begin all over again. To help get you on your way to a great event season, Celina is unveiling our Spring Shipping Event for when you use the coupon code “SPRINGSHIP” on your order.

As you know, the only way to make money is to spend money. This sale – which gives your order completely free shipping – applies to all orders of $4,000 or more. “But hey, blog-writer, what can I buy from Celina that would add up to $4,000?” I’ll tell ya!

Option 1 – The Starter Set

Say you’re just starting out with a rental business, or want to outfit your venue with enough tents to host a decent amount of guests. You could start out with the most popular sizes for the standard guest list. With a 20’ by 20’ Classic Series Frame tent that comes with all of the accessories – sidewalls, tables, chairs, lighting – and an extra full 20’ by 20’ tent, you’ll be prepped for every weekend in the foreseeable future. Combining the Classic Frame Tent Party Package and the standard full 20’ by 20’ Classic Series Frame Kit, your total is $5817.11. Goal reached for free shipping!

Option 2 – Renewal

You only start out at the beginning of an adventure or business once; that’s the nature of beginnings.  In case you’re only ordering for upkeep, this sale can still be for you! Let’s say you’ve decided that it’s time to improve your sidewall game, and also add in some tables and chairs to offer. You’ve decided to replace 10 each of your 7’ by 20’ White Royalty Sidewalls and 7’ by 30’ White Royalty Sidewalls, adding in a combo set of Mayfield Chairs and 8’ Resin Folding Tables. Your total would be $4,505.70 – and you’re shipping for free!

Option 3 – The Heavy Hitter

There are some really formidable tents out there – the kind that are made to withstand wind and longer installations. In case you’ve been looking into getting a heavy-duty longer-use tent but have been scared off up until now, this is your chance to save! The smallest of our Premiere II Series High Peak Pole Tents is a 30’ by 30’, which will cost you around $5,891.26. You’re already in free-shipping country at that point!

Option 4 – Branding to Win

Celina is exceptionally proud of our printing abilities. We can create eye-popping prints on tents, flags, and more! To get the full marketing experience, you can have a continuous design theme throughout your entire order. Combine four fully-printed Fast Shade Pop Up Canopies with three 6’ Draped Table Covers, four 16’ Blade Flags, and a pair of X-Stand Flag Anchors and Plate Weight Flag Anchors to boot and you’re sitting comfortably at $4,161.16. No shipping fees for you!

* * * * *

By no means am I saying that you have to buy these specific items in order to use the code or score big on shipment savings – it’s any order of $4,000 or more that can start you saving as your order runs down the road. Make sure you use the coupon code “SPRINGSHIP” at checkout online, or be sure to mention the sale to the Customer Account Manager who handles your order. You don’t want to miss out on these deals!