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From Canada to Celina … Not So Different or Far

Celina sends its products all over the world, but today we’re going to focus on something not quite so all-encompassing. Odd as it may seem, there are special considerations that need to be addressed when we ship items to our northern neighbors. Being in two different countries (even ones that touch) make conveying goods from one side to the other a little more complicated than we’d like or expect. So what can you presume to encounter when maneuvering a Celina order to Canada? Let’s dive in!

Formulating the Sales Order

First and most glaring difference is that orders to Canada can’t be placed on our website. We realize this is inconvenient – we’ve tried to make our ordering as fool proof as possible, but with the minutia attached to international shipping it is much more expedient to give us a call or shoot us an email so that we can make sure, for sure, we handle your order in the best way possible.

Your quote is formulated with the cost of the total products (in US dollars), with the overall freight cost determined by a combination of three attributes (also calculated in USD):

  1. Order size
  2. Order weight
  3. Final Destination

Each attribute changes the shipping and carrier fees and options that can be applied to your order. Quotes also do not reflect a variety of additional costs, such as duties, tariffs, and GST costing as these are difficult to apply accurately at the quote stage.

Brokers for Brokering

The main difference that comes with a Canadian order is the necessity of a broker. In order to correctly navigate all of the trade ins and outs, a broker should be contacted in order to help your shipment clear customs and make sure all of the appropriate documents are completed and filed. Brokers are experts in traffic and custom laws for a reason after all. With the help of whomever you choose, your order can successfully navigate through goods clearance, adhere to shipping regulations, and pay duties and taxes without too much of a headache.

More Paperwork!

Once you’ve made your order and all of boxes are checked as far as preparations, Celina will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork. This includes:

  • NAFTA Documents, two copies of which will be given to the LTL driver and two copies which will accompany the shipment
  • Commercial Invoices, one of which goes to the LTL drive and one which accompanies the shipment

* * * * *

When all is said and done, Celina will have the following before any LTL carrier will pick up your order and take it on its way:

  • Broker Information
  • NAFTA Paperwork
  • Commercial Invoice

Once we’ve ironed out all of the details, your order is placed and we can all relax! It enters the production rotation like any other product and will be on its way to you in Canada.

For more info on shipping hither and thither, you can visit our Knowledge Center and read any of our entries in the “Shipping Info” category.