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Shipping – How Does All of This Get To You?

Shipping – How Does All of This Get To You?

The Devil is in the details, as they say – and rightfully so. In the modern tech-savvy world where you can buy pretty much anything you want online, there is still the added process of getting your items to your door. Online retailers use standard post, UPS, FedEx, and many other options on a regular basis. Celina has been selling tents online since 2002, differing from other online retails with one major difference: product size.

Think of the largest package you’ve received in the mail - chances are it is nowhere near the size of even our smallest tents. Tent top fabric, poles or tubing, fittings, fasteners, anchoring guy lines – even our smallest 8’ x 8’ tents require all of these for installation. As you can probably imagine, even the smallest tents would have trouble fitting into the back of a car, let alone the postman’s mailbag.


We’ll quickly outline what exactly goes into one of our most popular tents, the 20’ by 20’ Classic Series Frame Tent. Apart from the tent top itself, the rest of the frame consists of 24 pieces of tubing (the shortest being 6’ 8”), 17 fittings, 56 fasteners, and 8 sets of straps. To keep everything together and safe enough for travel, all tents are packed and strapped to wooden pallets.

So in total, that’s a wooden pallet, poles, a box of components and bag with a fabric top. Weighing in at around more-than-most-people-want-to-lift, complete tents are bulky and heavy and therefore necessitate more intense shipping methods.

In Transit

Celina doesn’t have its own shipping or truck line; with so much of our resources devoted to product development, improvement, and manufacturing, it hasn’t been a priority. Most shipments are made through LTL (Less-than-Truckload) shipping – semis that haul many different companies’ products in the same trailer. This allows us faster scheduling and shipping for all of our customers. This also means that your shipment has a good chance of showing up at your door in a semi. Due to this process, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Shipping Info

Since Celina Tent doesn’t do the actual shipping, we won’t be the ones handling your shipping information. After an order has been invoiced, the system will automatically send you an email with tracking information – this usually happens the day after the order ships.

Delivery Times

Once your item has shipped from us, your sales rep will send you the tracking information with whichever carrier is contracted to deliver your order. Due to how deliveries are made, there most likely will not be a specific time of drop off. Most deliveries are made in a delivery window of a few hours. This will be scheduled through the shipping company.

The Trucker’s Job

As they are not employees of Celina Tent, the truck drivers are not required to do anything with your shipment beyond arriving with it in tow.

Your Responsibility

It is up to you to get your order off of the truck when it arrives at your home or business. In most cases, a forklift is suggested since all items should be on pallets. However, many people do not have forklifts at their houses, and hand unloading (cutting the straps and taking it out of the trailer piece by piece) is necessary.


It is also the prerogative of the customer to note when anything is damaged. When you order arrives, make sure that everything ordered is accounted for and hasn’t suffered from transit. This is VERY IMPORTANT and needs to be done as soon as it is noticed. Instructions for Damaged Shipments can be found here on our website.

It can be quite a shock to have a semi pull into your drive when you aren’t expecting it – trust us. By knowing exactly how the bulk of our items are shipped, you can be prepared for their arrival well in advance.

For any other questions you have about our shipping procedures, feel free to contact us by calling 866-761-1192 and we’ll be happy to chat!