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Illuminating the Perfect Idea: Stock Art and You

We know that ordering a custom printed item can be daunting. Even though we’ve outlined previously (in three different installments, no less) the process of checking your artwork and getting to Celina, we’re aware that for some that’s still more that some people need in a piece of printed product. This is why Celina has a wide variety of stock printed items ready-designed so that you don’t have to worry about the finicky process of image file manipulation.

Two main items have a library of stock art available for purchase: Flags and Concession Banners.

Concession Banners

Anyone who’s been to a fair knows how to find the notorious “fair foods” – look for the banners with images of fried dough and sweet treats! Concession Banners are organized by food groups to cover all main areas common to concessions, including entrees, snacks, drinks, and so on. Browsing through each category gives you an approximation of what the end banner will look like when completed.

Concession Banners are made from 16-ounce vinyl, with hemmed edges to keep any unfinished edges from exposure. Attaching the banners to trailers, sign posts, and more is easy; regularly along the edges are grommets through which ropes and bungees can be fed to hang the banner. Each banner measures 24” by 48” (2’x4’ or 0.6m x 1.2m) which makes them easy to spot from a distance at whatever event you are attending.


The wide range of categories that our stock flags cover almost makes they too useful, like a swiss army knife that also gives you WiFi access and filters water. Once you arrive at the main category page, you’ll have to make one of two choices – your flag shape and the category of topic to peruse.


Flags are crafted in the classic rectangle shape or into “feather” versions, which are the style that require a fiberglass rod to install. Blade and Tear Drop feather flags are more common for marketing because they give you high visibility when used out in the open – the supporting rod and anchoring hardware allow them to stick out above the crowd in most situations. Rectangle flags are best used with standard flag poles and mounts or hung on walls banner-style.


We won’t list them all here, but many of our categories are perfect for mobile marketing due to the ease with which flags can be stored and transported. Common flag topics include:

  • Automotive: from mudding to advertising car repair
  • Celebration: announcements for weddings, birthdays, and graduations
  • Food and Drink: advertising menu items
  • Region/Geographic: State, Province, and Country Flags
  • Special Event: generic attention grabbing designs for first aid, event marking, and parking

Stock printing allows you get a printed item perfect for your business or home use without having to source your own images and submit and check renderings. While this process isn’t extremely time consuming, it is expedited when we already have the images we need. Just place your order and we’re already printing and sewing! If you have any further questions about the printing process or want to check out the steps to customize your own items in the future, check out our earlier series on the printing process, linked below. As always you can give us a call at (866) 783-4083 or email Sales@CelinaTent.com for help with your order. We look forward to hearing from you!

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