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A Look Back at 2017


Celina has had an incredibly eventful year. Additional buildings, new products, and sweeping changes are helping to usher in the New Year! As we approach 2018, we’d like to take a look back at all of the changes that have helped to make Celina so successful.

Larger Footprint

The Celina Campus has had its largest addition yet! Work on the new Distribution Center, which is set to replace our current Coldwater, Ohio warehouse space has phased through construction and is currently being outfitted to handle the large-volume day-to-day task of making sure each and every product is ready for shipping. With 100,000 square feet of inventory and surge capacity space, this newest addition will greatly ease product storage. Being so close also greatly reduces the amount of time a product spend traveling from one place to another before it starts it journey to customers.

Increased Production

As we try to keep up with the ever-changing world of even rentals, new products are always being reviewed and added to our inventory.

One of our newest additions, the Printed Mesh Fence Screens, has been gaining traction among customers. Like most banners, sizes can be adjusted to nearly any need. The ability to print any image on each banner adds to their versatility. From spirit banners to factory entrance covers, mesh construction reduces the fabric’s wear by minimizing the amount of movement from breezes and wind.

For anyone planning an upscale event, Celina has been stocking a wider range of stackable event chairs with a variety of colors. Our newest, the Mason Tiffany Dining Chair, Parma Birch Stencil Chair, and Bedford Modern Side Chair each have a style all their own.

A Growing Community

Having expanding every two years on average, there are so many different positions that we can now fill! Celina has been hiring to fill our production needs, and have expanded our two-shift system into a round-the-clock three shift operation. Since this past January, Celina has filled multiple positions throughout the office area, including new Account Managers, Accounting, and Marketing fields to help us in our ongoing goal of customer service and support.


The new year is just around the corner, and we here at Celina can’t wait to see what new products, services, and developments we’ll come across in the future. We’ll see you there!

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