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Going Big with a Small Space – Using a Retractable Banner


The trade show circuit means a variety of things to those in attendance. Pressure from work to accomplish the networking and sales, the stress from packing and traveling, making sure you don’t forget vital marketing collateral – as much fun as these events are they can be more of a hassle when you don’t properly prepare.

So when you go to a show, how much are you budgeting for space? Trying to decide between an additional flyer stand or your clothing? Celina can help you maximize your luggage space and still let you create the booth installation that brings in the crowds. Our line of Retractable Stands gives you eye-catching graphics in a compact, easy to transport design.

Space-Saving Design

The Retractable Banner (stand and printed graphic listed here) is an 81” (6’ 9”) tall, free-standing display that allows you to pull the banner out from the base and support with a collapsible rear support post. When packed away the banner has a padded case for easy shipping or carrying in your car, on the plane, or however you’re getting to your show. The base is supported with a swiveling support leg on the bottom of the stand, which can be adjusted for uneven flooring with adjustable feet at each corner.

Custom Imagery

Outlined in our Knowledge Center, the graphics for your banner are printed here on our Celina campus. While we can do a lot of the design work it is easier on more in-depth projects in marketing and advertising for you to create your own for the best effect. The product page contains the printing template, allowing you to see exactly how much space you have and where you can place your vital information.

Scrolling Stand Options

Looking to upgrade your banner use? Instead of a stationary banner, Celina also offers a scrolling banner stand with a motorized base that doubles your advertising space! Each stand plugs in to operate the moving scroll, with an on/off switch at the base in case you want to focus on a specific portion.

The scrolling banner graphics are different from those created for standard retractable banners –there is, after all, twice as much print to be made! If you go for the scrolling banner option, remember that you’ll not only need the motorized stand base, but will have to design and order a scrolling banner graphic that is not interchangeable between the two stand styles.

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Don’t forget to look into Celina’s other printed signs – the Folding-Away A-Frame Sign, Step and Repeat Banners, and standard Printed Vinyl Banners for any use and occasions! Call us today at (866) 260-9354 for more information, quotes, or to order!