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Tent Additions in the Grander Scheme


Today we’re talking to you, rental companies. Specifically, we are talking to those companies that don’t already have tents for rent. There are a lot of issues that rental agencies take into account to operate successfully; you have to know your locality, be aware of the demand that you’ll be dealing with (people wanting dance floors and not cotton candy machines), and keep up with the latest trends to be sure you have the hot item of the season. That’s a lot of leg work just to keep up with what’s new and fashionable. Aaaaaaaand now is when we tell you to add tents to your arsenal.


You may want to start pulling out your hair at the thought of adding yet another item to your inventory, but we’re going to walk you through it. Expanding your offering to include canopies can be tailored to your customer base just like any other product. Not only are you able to adapt tent styles for your customer base, but you can build and change your portfolio as time goes on.

Help is Here!

Celina knows that every step in a new direction can be scary. That’s why we have a full staff of Customer Account Mangers available to walk you through this! From helping you to get all of the hardware you need to leading you to discounted items, your Customer Account Manager is you direct contact to the wealth of information that Celina has gathered over the years, both as a tent manufacturer and as a former rental business ourselves.

Just in case long phone conversations aren’t your style, we also have many resources that you can check out at your leisure. The Knowledge Center at GetTent.com is our online compendium of information from the differences between basic tent styles to in-depth usage of items such as drop cloths, tent cleaners, staking strategies, and product manuals and PDFs.

Paying It Backward

While everyone has to operate on a specific budget, the best part about hiring out tents is the return – most tents purchased are fully paid for after 5 or 6 installations. This of course has a lot to do with the amount you charge and your ability to schedule multiple installations, but by and large tents of all sizes are able to generate revenue quickly during the rental season. With so many different events requiring canopies you should have no problem scheduling most weekends.

No Updates

Unlike the rest of the items that go out for rent – chairs, decorations, lights, and so on – a classic white tent isn’t going to need to be changed up too much between seasons. Since the décor is really what changes in the eye of the renter, a plain white canopy can stand in for multiple styles of events. One couple’s wedding tent can be trade show booths the very next weekend. A buffet area one month could be a recruitment tent two weeks later. Since the installation’s decorations make the biggest impression, you can maximize the time each tent is spent out and about.

And you still have time! It’s the early tenting season, meaning you have at least a few months to earn back your investment before the winter rolls in. Taking a weekend or two to practice installations, which can be done following the Product Manuals found here or buy studying installations on our YouTube channel, and you’re well on your way to offering even more for your customers. Get started today by browsing all of our products, or call us at (866) 767-9242 (email: Sales@CelinaTent.com) to talk with a Customer Account Manager.