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How to Go Big – the Party Tent Way!

Parties tend to operate under the idiom “the bigger the better.” More music, more food and more entertainment all make for big events that wow guests. While being outside in the bright sunshine is lovely on clear days, it might behoove you to have a canopy up and ready. Even if you aren’t expecting any storms throughout your installation, a break from sun can always be a welcome relief.

Celina’s large party tents – readily available in solid white vinyl – come in widths of 40’, 60’ and 80’ to allow you to choose the size that fits your event. Concert halls, concession areas, booth lots for trade shows and more have benefited from Large Party Tents!

Large Party Tent Pro #1 – Multiple Uses

 The best draw for large tents is their versatility – they’ll be able to house anything! We’ve seen a wide range of events from concert stages, large food-prep and dining areas, reception areas for weddings, and so much more. Having extra space can be a real lifesaver, especially at events where rain arrives and guests begin running for cover. From dining space to dance floors, more room is a useful attribute.

Large Party Tent Pro #2 – Being Seen

Massive tents are often an attraction in and of themselves. The vastness of an 80’ wide canopy is something to behold even for people like us who work with them regularly. From the multiple sections of fabric woven together with lace line to the framework engineering (frames with cables and supporting rafter bars, pole kits with quarter and center poles), being underneath a large, temporary, man-made structure can be a draw for more than just nerdy engineer types.

Large Party Tent Pro #3 – Accessorizing

Adding a large tent to your event is just the beginning! Creating a structure at a location can open the door to more and more accessories to enhance your guests’ experience, including:

  • Lighting: Some of the sunlight blocked by your tent fabric will need to be replaced in order for facilitate whatever events take place in your tent, but the addition of the tent also gives you the perfect framework for evening and night time lighting. Flood lights on the canopy’s underside, mounted light fixtures and even rope lighting can light up the night and keep the party rolling.

  • Banners/Signage: Have specific booths, attractions, or just want to direct crowd flow? Signage can be hung from the tent hardware quickly and easily, even improvised-ly. That last one might not be a word, but signs DEFINITELY are a thing so there’s that.


Before you go and buy several large white tents for your business or private use, make sure you have taken into account a few of these factors that will greatly affect their use:

  • Storage Space
  • Transportation for Required Items
  • Installation Time/Crew

Give us a ring at (866) 438-8368 and one of our Customer Account Managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help to make sure you can be comfortable with the size and style for you. If phones aren’t your style, you can email Sales@CelinaTent.com and we’ll get back to you before you know it!