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Print Parade 2018: How and Where Do I Send my Artwork?

Now that you’ve chosen your images, located those photos, or gotten your logo to fit every requirement, there’s the little task of getting that image to us.

Prior to sending, you should have your file named clearly and concisely. The easiest way for us to organize and find your images is to name them with your Company Name or your Last Name to ensure that we can match it with your order, which will carry this information as well. For example, if I was going to send in my personal logo for a printed sidewall I could title it:

CelinaTent01.ai   or   BlogwriterLogo.pdf

It also never hurts to mention what product you are ordering with your image, using any of the methods below. This quick-reference is a handy shortcut for our processing, and is the best time to comment on any specifics you would like to request.


The easiest way to send smaller image files, you can send your artwork by emailing Art@CelinaTent.com. To make sure that the message is sent and received without any issues, this should be limited to file sizes smaller than 10 MB. The message of your email can outline your product and any other specifications or questions you may have about the end product.

Website Submission Platform (Hightail)

For simple website-based delivery, you can visit our website and, through the Knowledge Center at GetTent.com, access the “Upload Artwork” category. Clicking on the Hightail logo on the screen will open a new window allowing you to simply drag your artwork into the field and send it to us. You can also add a brief message to your submission, where you can detail what the product is for easy reference.

While this service can be used for any images or PDF templates, it’s mostly for any files that will muck up the email systems by being too large. Any files larger than 10 MB up to 1 GB should be uploaded by website submission.

Delivery by Hand

This one is, we have to admit, a little less convenient than the other options, but still very simple and extremely foolproof. In case you are having difficulty with sending your image to us, you can always place your image on a thumb drive, CD, or other means of physical electronic conveyance and come visit us during business hours. Assuming we can access your drive/disc/record/zip disk/floppy drive (maybe?), we’ll be able to send it off to our artwork department for template inspection or for artwork layout, and possibly identify in real time if there are any underlying issues that may come up during printing.

* * * * *

Submitting your artwork sets in motion a chain reaction of checks to ensure that your image can be successfully converted into a beautiful product. Celina will send you a template with your image displayed on the product of your choice; this is the final check before your item is given to our production floor. If you have any changes that you would like to point out, your template can be adjusted after this initial PDF. Be aware that after two changes, any additional additions or modifications to your template will carry a charge of $25 per change made.

As always, if you have any further questions on suitable images or getting those images to us, email Art@CelinaTent.com and we’ll be happy to give you the answers you’re seeking. Stay tuned for next week’s exciting addition where we cover artwork setup.




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