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Prestos for DIY Parties

The best thing about planning a large party is the anticipation. There’s deciding on food, maybe planning for live music or organizing entertainment. Making sure you invite the right people, making sure your restrooms work, renting a carpet cleaner for the following day, buying ice the day of for coolers, clearing fridge space for food storage pre- and post-party, arranging for parking … you know, the more I think about it, the more I believe we may not enjoy planning parties so much as we thought. Maybe a few less headaches would help out. As we get closer to the start of the tent event season, we’ll start with the most common kick-off event: Graduation Parties.

Going Big or … Less So

While Celina Tent has a series of Graduation Kits that give you all items you could want, we’re going to focus on the home-hosted grad party. Ranging is size from the modest Party Package, stepping up to the Graduation Package and finally landing on the Value Package, each package contains all required installation items for the chosen tent style (Frame or Pole) along with tables chairs, and other accessories.

Do you have room to store an extra couple tables and chairs? Then go for it! Savings are to be had all around, after all. The ratios of tables to seating to tent space are all pre-formulated to give you enough usable place settings for 50-80 and are available in Classic Series Frame or Classic Series Pole varieties. But let’s say that you aren’t all that excited about storing that many tables and chairs or aren’t even that up on Classic Series Tent installation or storage. That’s alright because there’s another option.

That Other Option We Mentioned

Simplified for easy use without breaking the bank or filling up your storage space, the Presto! Series Pole Canopy is a simple push-pole style tent that comes in handy storage bags. Perfect for home use, you say? We agree!

Space Saving Design

All of the poles that support Presto! Canopies are made to disassemble. This is what helps to keep the storage space taken up by the canopy in the off-season to a minimum. Poles, fabric, and anchoring (stakes, as the guy lines are attached to the fabric) all fit into provided carrying bags to keep pieces identifiable and handy to store.

Push-Pole Operation

While it sounds a little different, push-pole canopy simply means that the fabric is lifted as the poles are pushed into place. Generally. The main tension per side pole is achieved by lifting the pole mostly into position – with the pin inserted into the grommet on the fabric top – and then tightening the tension bar on the rope. This rope is connected to anchoring pins for holding power. Once the pole is pushed into its vertical position, the rope becomes tightened to give you canopy stability.

Saving Time

Not only are pole-style tents and canopies faster to install because there are fewer components than their frame-style counterparts, but owning your own canopy saves you the time and headache of worrying about tent deliveries, set up crews, and return windows that come with renting. This can be a bonus when you aren’t an established event venue (most homes aren’t, we’ve discovered, so don’t feel bad).

* * * * *

All of this isn’t to discourage you from bigger deals like those we mentioned about. More, we’re giving you alternatives and options to help you relax just a tiny bit on those hectic party days. Looking for a little more to outfit your event? Look through our Event Accessories page for ideas on lighting and canopy additions or contact one of our Customer Account Managers – they love answering your questions!